Current Teaching

I teach on the following undergraduate and postgraduate units which contribute to various
BSc Honours and MSc / MA degree programmes in Geography and Environmental Science and in CeLT (the Centre for Learning and Teaching).

First Year

Tutorial and Field Activities

Second Year

Second Year Physical Geography Field Course

Geomorphological Processes

Third Year

Field Research and Analysis (Norway: Geomorphology)

Applied Geomorphology Geomorphic Hazards Blog

Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Systems Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Blog

Independent Final Year Project (rock weathering; periglacial, hillslope and glacial processes; geomorphic hazards; Holocene landform evolution)


Postgraduate Teaching


MSc Environmental and Climate Change

  • Natural Hazards and Environmental Change: Module leader
  • Supervision of quaternary science MSc by Research projects

MA Academic Practice (Centre for Learning and Teaching)

  • Reasonable Adjustments for Disabled Students
  • Employability in the Curriculum